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The Book Excellence Awards stands out from other awards programs through their recognition of a wider variety genres, detailed coaching, and recognition on multiple platforms. After winning, I’ve enjoyed increased recognition as an authority on writing and increased sales. The videos in the coaching program were easy to follow and contained many good prompts and ideas. I would tell other authors to consider applying as part their marketing strategy. Winning gives a book legitimacy and the author demonstrable expertise.

Bethany Maines

Author of The Seventh Swan

My sales doubled since winning the Book Excellence Award. Many flattering reviews from small periodicals, bloggers, and posted on
Christina Britton Conroy
Author of His Majesty’s Theatre – a 4 book series
The Book Excellence Awards are a professional, high profile award to be associated with.Their global reach and wide range of categories makes them an important platform. The awards program gave me a thorough education in how to market my book while also providing an important independent recognition as I speak with bookstores and other selling avenues. A valuable source of insight into the book marketing process with a great action plan to actually get the book sold. It was professionally presented and provided many ideas that I would never have thought of myself. It had a wide ranging presentation given the diversity of people it had to appeal to.
Lachlan Hughson
Author of Walkabout to Wisdom – Awakening to Nature’s Teaching in the Australian Outback
The Book Excellence Awards is a wonderful support and promotional tool for indie authors. I researched many awards programs, and I was impressed by what the Book Excellence Awards had to offer its award-winning authors. The Book Marketing Course was extremely valuable, and I am excited to access the marketing resources in the days and weeks ahead.
Michelle Layer Rahal
Author of Straining Forward
Book Excellence Awards is more than a competition; I was impressed with their winners’/finalists’ end-results package. The monetary value of products gifted out was exceptional. And as one progressed in winning its prize package increased, greatly. No other Book Award company had offered those great tools (e.g., marketing templates (aplenty) along with hand-in-hand coaching techniques and videos). In itself, this was a tremendous saving for my marketing budget. There was no need to hire a professional to walk me through the process of promoting/marketing. Truly, I loved everything about this contest (.e.g., the coaching, the interaction, the recognition out in the market place).
Nina Norstrom
Author of Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter
It is an honor to have received two international Book Excellence Awards for two separate titles in my “Corky Tails, Tales of a Tailless Dog Named Sagebrush” book collection. Having won state and national awards for my bestselling book series, “Corky Tails, Tales of a Tailless Dog Named Sagebrush,” the Book Excellence Awards have brought me a new level of achievement with its international award winning status! I would highly recommend entering this contest.
Joni Franks
Author of Corky Tails Tales of a Tailless Dog Named Sagebrush, Sagebrush and the Smoke Jumper
OMG, the Finalist status got me two local newspaper articles and a 15 min interview in a local tv talk show. Very helpful as gave another reason for reporters to write about my newest book.
Donna Friess, PhD
Author of Capistrano Trails
Since winning my award, my social media following has increased, I am also getting more clicks through to book sales since using the great mock up banners and extras that the Book Excellence team have provided me with.
Michele E. Northwood
Author of Fishnets in the Far East
I used the leverage of the award and approached a subdivision of a major publishing house and believe it or not…they responded within the hour. Now, they are assessing my submission. That’s one of the advantages of having a Book Excellence Award. I would encourage other writers to submit their work to the Book Excellence Awards competition. It’s an excellent way for new and upcoming authors to raise their profile and increase their book sales. One bonus is that you also get ongoing support and attention from the people behind the scenes, all of whom are particularly keen to help you get a little extra mileage from your award.
Vincent Gilvarry
Author of KASHMIRA The Snake Charmer’s Wife
It REALLY helped me to sell the books by bringing me to the forefront of readers! I was seen as an authority of dog cuisine and I have been asked to write a second book in the series ~this time on dog’s health!
Althea Garner
Author of Gone to the Dogs
Whether a “Winner” or a “Finalist” that Book Excellence Award sticker, says a lot and placed on the cover gives a whole new dimension to your book! It is well worth the time and money for the application to help attract ‘buzz’ and increased conversation, leading to ultimate sales of the book! I found the coaching program to be very extensive…it was helpful in some areas for me, and more than any other program I had entered.
Kay Jantzi
Author of Little Thoughts For Big Days
I was absolutley thrilled when I received the news that I was a winning finalist! I was proud and excited to share the news. Winning validated the time and effort I had put into writing and self publishing. The Book Excellence Awards provided numerous advantages that far exceeded other programs. The acceptance of self published authors, the plethora of available entry categories and the recognition available, even for finalists, appealed to me. Additionally the marketing support & coaching provided me with tools to bring my sales and exposure to the next level.
Patricia Brusha
Author of Another Hot Mess: Start ur Engine!!!
A medal from the Book Excellence Awards helped to bolster my book sales as the award is recommended in writer’s associations and it is considered a serious contest. Whenever you win an award it means great publicity for books and readers are thrilled to read a winner. I recommend this contest as it is serious and very professional. The publicity package I received for my awards was really useful and I could learn a lot about publicity.
Adriana Gavazzoni
Author of Behind the Door
Since winning the Book Excellence Award, my book sales have increased and I have been able to secure upcoming mainstream media opportunities. In addition, my social media followers have increased. I was, and am, so honored to receive this prestigious award. Winning the Book Excellence Award hasn’t just helped me increase sales and visibility of my book; it has helped me realize that I am a true poet worthy of the great reviews my book and my writing has received.
Denise Byers
Author of Shattered
Being recognized by an international authority was definitely important to me. My credibility and authority as an author and illustrator has increased, boosting my self-image and encouraging me to complete the 26 series of stories. The gold seals, certificate, press release etc. has brought attention to my book and has provided free publicity that I could not have created by myself.
Sally Lee Baker
Author of Toni Tanager
Book Excellence Awards seemed like a really prestigious organization with the best interests of indie authors in mind. My recognition from Book Excellence Awards has legitimized me as an author, increasing my social media following and book sales.
Ellie Collins
Author of Mylee in the Mirror
I was thrilled to find out I’d received a Book Excellence Award. I have found this program to be the most helpful in helping me get exposure, which translates to increased exposure for my book. The coaching program helped me focus on raising awareness, and I can see a difference.
Karen Randau
Author of Deadly Payload
Being selected as an Award Honoree has been extremely uplifting and gratifying. I display my seal proudly wherever I go and people come to recognize the Book Excellence brand as a brand that has significance in the literary world.
Jerry McDaniel
Author of Channeling the Mothership, Messages from the Universe
Although my book has won six literary prizes, the Book Excellence Award for Best Biography was the most important achievement because of the high quality of the competition.
Helena P. Schrader
Author of Envoy of Jerusalem: A Novel of the Third Crusade
Since my novel, The P.S. Wars: Last Stand at Custer High was a finalist in the 2018 Book Excellence Awards, I experienced a significant uptick in sales and exposure. I was glad I entered. Well worth it!
Geoffrey Carter
Author of The P.S. Wars: Last Stand at Custer High
My experience with the Book Excellence Awards has been great! I have enjoyed working with them and appreciate all of the support they have given to me.
John Cappello
Author of Open the Mind, Heal the Heart
Receiving a Book Excellence Award was a wonderful compliment! But the real surprise came when interviewers, program hosts, and readers would ask me about it and want to include it in their program materials. Thank you!
Doris Green
Author of Elsie’s Story Chasing a Family Mystery
Book Excellence Awards offers a very effective and complete training program to help authors like me sell more books! Being an award winner now gives me the privilege to be introduced as an award-winner, which adds tremendous credibility. This undoubtedly helps attract media and people in general to hearing my message.
Rick Pribell
Author of Imagine God
Not only is this a very prestigious contest, it also provides instant credibility to lesser well-known authors – and I have noticed an increase in sales in both the U.S. and Canada rankings on amazon.
Sherrill S. Cannon
Author of The Golden Rule and My Little Angel
I proudly display my Book Excellence Award on the front cover. This type of independent validation is priceless as it helps readers choose my book knowing it is a quality read.
Wendy Scott
Author of Tails
The Book Excellence Awards has been a stellar experience! Easy to enter, a challenge to win; the award is something to be proud of. Moreover, the support materials provided to winners goes well beyond what many other reputable contests provide.
David Gordon
Author of The Outhouse
Being a Book Excellence Award Finalist has definitely caused a spike in my sales and an increase in reviews. It has also bolstered my confidence, knowing that I’ve not only written a book, but a book worth reading!
Allan Batchelder
Author of Steel, Blood & Fire, Immortal Treachery, Book One
As a Book Excellence Award Honoree, I have experienced an increase in sales and readers.
Madge H. Gressley
Author of Inescapable ~ Remembering
Book Excellence Awards has a reputation for unbiased judging with industry experts who understand the publishing world. Their focus on well rounded books of excellence benefits readers, authors, as well as the industry. Being selected as a winner in the category has lifted the book above the fray in that category, making it easier to contact libraries and book stores; making it that much easier to connect with the readers we all appreciate and need.
Chris Meier
Author of 70 Years of American Captivity: The Polity of God, The Birth of a Nation and the Betrayal of Government
Winning the Book Excellence Award 2017 for Fiction is one of the most gratifying moments of my writing career. It means that I am being accepted – being recognized as a Canadian author, as a novelist, and a writer of fiction! The fact that the Award is global, is a huge honor! Writing my novel, Stone Woman, has been such an intense and liberating experience, and the Award is validation that hard work is appreciated and most of all, that my readers and enjoying my novel. It has also led to numerous speaking engagements, invitations to lead creative writing workshops and give author talks. And it has certainly increased the book sales. In terms of my future works, it has encouraged me to trust my inner voice and continue to write the type of fiction I enjoy reading.
Bianca Lakoseljac
Author of Stone Woman
I am very happy with the Book Excellence Awards. They are very professional and willing to help with marketing ideas. I also like the fact that finalists and winners are featured on their site.
Diamante Lavender
Author of Poetry and Ponderings
I have already emailed several questions and requests to the Book Excellence Award team and with each one a helpful response was received promptly. I have been involved with many book organizations since my novel was published, and I’ve found the Book Excellence Awards team to be an organization which seems to truly care about the authors they represent and respectful of our desires, and, yes, insecurities. This group of professionals are obvious book aficionados and mindful of the responsibilities they undertake. My Finalist Award was certainly a big plus for me this year, and the bonus was getting introduced to this fine organization.
Keith Steinbaum
Author of The Poe Consequence
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