Pete Canalichio

Book Excellence Awards Program

How brand strategist and licensing expert accelerated his exposure and gained critical acclaim for his book

Meet Pete

Pete Canalichio is a global authority on brand expansion and licensing. He is on a mission to help brands become more alive in the heart of those that experience them. He does this by helping brands write a better story through compelling content, inspiring platform talks, in-depth consulting and workshops, and practical tools.  

With over 25 years of experience as a brand expansion and licensing strategist, Pete has spearheaded million-dollar  licensing campaigns for some of the world’s most iconic brands including Coca-Cola, Newell Rubbermaid, and most recently, his own company, Licensing Brands. He has executed multiple programs in support of the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup,  and NASCAR, receiving awards for his work across national and international borders.

Pete’s first book, Expand, Grow, Thrive, received a Book Excellence Award in the marketing category. With insightful advice from leading brand licensing professionals and household names like Coca-Cola and Disney, the book offers a simple, accessible and effective way for marketers to expand their brand through successful growth programs.

Challenges as an Author

Pete’s experience marketing his book started off as a demanding task.

“Even though I am a marketer by trade, I still face tremendous challenges in getting my book bought and read.”

With a mission to create a platform to help clients expand, grow and thrive through speaking, workshops and consulting, Pete understood how important it was to draw attention to his work.

Pete implemented numerous effective strategies to build awareness and sales for his book. He used traditional media, social media, speaking engagements and reviews to raise awareness. As a next step, Pete felt entering the Book Excellence Awards would help him take his efforts to the next level.

“I especially like that the Book Excellence Awards program was geared towards helping authors gain exposure and credibility which would lead to more sales and critical reviews. Unlike other awards that offer recognition, the Book Excellence Awards helps writers build awareness, followers and ultimately success.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

Discovering he had won a Book Excellence Award was an extremely gratifying experience for Pete.

“I was elated. Receiving a Book Excellence Award instantaneously gave me exposure and credibility I would not have received otherwise.”

The Book Excellence Award helped Pete accelerate his exposure and gain the critical acclaim he was looking for:

“I posted my award on LinkedIn and received over 10,000 views and 100 likes from people all over the world. This was truly humbling.”

Pete’s Success

Pete’s success as an author and branding and licensing expert is no small feat. His award-winning book and experience working for global brands have helped him grow his business and gain recognition as a world-leading expert on branding and licensing.


Pete is regularly invited as a keynote speaker at branding and licensing conferences and leading business schools globally in cities including Hong Kong, Mumbai, Zagreb, Las Vegas, Toronto, Vancouver and soon in Helsinki.

His TEDx talk on using visualization to achieve your dreams has been viewed over 32,000 times.


Pete is also a guest writer for national media publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur and has been featured in numerous other trade magazines and business radio stations.

Pete was selected by a major Fortune 100 client specifically because of his book, with many other companies listing his book as a driving reason for their consideration.

Pete has seen a steady increase in sales achieving a #1 New Release on Amazon with 100% five-star reviews saying his book shares:

“Ground-breaking material,”

and should be considered the

Bible for the licensing business.”

To contact Pete, you can visit his website, send him an e-mail or follow him on Twitter.

To purchase his book, click here to visit Amazon.

Pete’s Advice

To authors thinking of entering the Book Excellence Awards, Pete says:

“As a brand strategist, I would tell other authors that the Book Excellence Awards is much more than a sticker signifying accomplishment in a literary category. The Book Excellence Awards is a community dedicated to helping authors tell their stories, achieve their goals and better the world through the reading and application of their writing.”

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