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How inspirational author increases his credibility and readership

Meet Matt

Matt Talford is passionate about helping and inspiring others. A professional problem solver, Matt has worked as an ER and US Army medic, a technology services professional and has realized his lifelong dream of becoming a full-time author.

Matt believes in the excitement and immersion one can experience through books and has built his work on four pillars of purpose: to educate, to entertain, to uplift and to inspire.

Matt’s flagship title, “From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story,” was named a Book Excellence Award Winner in the Best New Nonfiction category.

The book takes readers on a captivating, emotional journey, illustrating how any problem can be overcome with a positive attitude, the right tools and a good game plan.

Challenges as an Author

Like many authors, Matt was unaware of how complex the world of book marketing could be.

“I can’t even begin to scratch the surface detailing how incredibly challenging it has been marketing the book and closing buyers.”

In addition to making sales, Matt also found it difficult to stand out from competitors; a challenge often faced by many authors.

“This is a tough business, even for writers who are represented by big publishers.”

Matt’s determination and mission to write literature that uplifts and inspires helped him rise to the challenge.

“As someone who has helped people professionally my entire working life, I wanted to give back. If just one person reads or listens to this story and turns their life around for the better, what I went through was all worth it!”

Matt also wanted to become a household name in the world of non-fiction literature so he could share his message with more people and put himself on the map.

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

When Matt discovered he had won a Book Excellence Award, he was extremely excited.

“I cannot tell you how surreal it was to receive the email…that I was selected as a winner in the category of Best New Nonfiction.”

Adding the Book Excellence Award seal to Matt’s book helped him stand out compared to other books in his genre.

“The Book Excellence Awards have helped me immensely from the standpoint that, being selected as a winner in a category and applying the winner badge to your cover gives your book more credibility.”

Matt’s Success

Matt’s success is a clear testament to the positive impact he has had in his readers’ lives. His book has received many five star reviews, stating the book is:

“One of the most inspiring, provocative and entertaining books you will ever read,”



“So amazing that anyone would want to read it.”

In the first week of its release, Matt’s book was featured in the Amazon Kindle Hot 100 List and his above average sales continue to climb.

He has been invited as a guest speaker to share his inspirational message with classrooms, retreats, holiday programs and at book signings and readings.


He has also been featured in major media publications including The Charlotte Post and Q City Metro, as well as on podcasts and radio programs including Praise 100.9 and interviews with Darren McDuffie and Solomon Keyes.

To connect with Matt, you can visit his website or follow him on social media. To purchase his book, visit Amazon.

Matt’s Advice

For authors who are interested in the Book Excellence Awards, Matt recommends applying.

“Just go for it. There is nothing like having your work judged against others in the same category. To be judged “Best” or even “Finalist” by a panel, weighing your work against a number of others, holds more weight.”

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