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Book Excellence Awards Program

How experienced author increased her book sales with a proven book marketing process

Meet Carole

Carole P. Roman is a multiple award-winning, best-selling author of over 50 books. Her work spans multiple genres including children’s fiction, non-fiction and even paranormal romance. Her work enchants educators, parents and a diverse audience of children.

Carole hosts 3 blog radio shows and founded an online magazine called Indie Author’s Monthly. Her latest coloring book, Oh Susannah, received a Book Excellence Award in the coloring book category.

As a well-rounded author, Carole’s book marketing process is unique and strategic. Having literally written a book about promotion and marketing, Carole knows the importance of marketing with regards to sales.

Challenges as an Author

In a feature in Forbes magazine, Carol said:

Writing and self-publishing books is a business too. It’s fun, sometimes painful and can be expensive. But ultimately, we are in it to make a profit. While it is an art form, and you may write the most wonderful book in the universe, unless you promote it, it will disappear into the vast pit of choices on the web, never to be read and appreciated.”

As a multiple award-winning author, Carole understands the value of including book awards in her book promotion process.

“Publishing is all about perseverance and persistence…you work to finish your book…and then you have to convince people to buy it. You have to learn to use the tools available to get yourself noticed.”

After seven years in the business, Carole is clear on what drives costs and profits, and among other book marketing programs, the Book Excellence Awards stood out to Carole.

“The Book Excellence Awards is more than your regular book awards, they’re there to help promote and push your book to further heights.”

She chose to apply to the awards for the professionalism of the competition and the impressive talent of the other honorees.

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

When Carole heard that she had won, she was thrilled that her book was being recognized. After winning her Book Excellence Award, she experienced an increase in book sales.

“My book sales increased after the Book Excellence Awards Program took me under their wing.”

The press release was a large contributor to her success as it is distributed to readers, authors, publishers, journalists, librarians, book buyers, schools and literary agents around the world.

Carole’s Success

Ultimately, Carole’s tenacity and commitment to book marketing ensure that all her books are extremely successful.
She has been featured in national publications, including a two-part interview series in Forbes Magazine and Booklife by Publisher’s Weekly.


Her loyal and growing community of readers have shared thousands of five-star reviews across all of her works, and her presence on social media is unparallel with an active and engaged fanbase of thousands of followers.

Carole is also dedicated to supporting indie authors having founded 3 radio shows and a magazine. She also has an active blog presence on Medium and contributes regularly to threads on Goodreads to help with the book publishing and marketing process.

Carole P. Roman illustrated with her beloved characters. Illustration by Bonnie Lemaire.

Her passion is clear and her efforts have paid off – not only for herself but for her family as well. Carole also markets her two sons’ books successfully and as a family, the group sells anywhere from 500 to 1,000 copies of their books each month.

To connect with Carole, you can visit her website, contact her through Facebook or send her an email.

To purchase a copy of her book, click here to visit Amazon.

Carole’s Advice

As a clear example of what it takes to successfully conquer the indie book marketing world, Carole reflects on her award experience:

“It’s a true honor to be a Book Excellence Awards winner. It is prestigious and a fine award.”

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