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How romance authors stood out from their competition to captivate their readers’ attention

Meet A.M. and Joanne

USA Today best-selling author A.M. Madden and Joanne Schwehm are experienced authors with a combined collection of over 25 books. They are both self proclaimed hopeless romantics with a mission to create characters that readers can relate to and connect with. Their hope is for their books to bring joy and happiness to readers who enjoy modern day fairy tales and breathless moments.

With years of experience writing and publishing romance novels on their own, their book, FINDING MR. WRONG, was A.M. and Joanne’s first foray in collaborating on a book together. The book received a Book Excellence Award in the romance category. It follows the captivating romance between Jude and Brae, as they embark on a unique social experiment that changes their lives forever. A must read for contemporary romance fans, A.M. and Joanne deliver an unforgettable story that leaves readers wanting more.

Challenges as Authors

A.M. and Joanne dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure their book would hook readers immediately. However, they found it difficult to capture the attention of new readers. As many authors were using similar marketing strategies to get the word out about their books, A.M. and Joanne were looking for a new way to differentiate their book from the rest.

“Our challenge was trying to stand out among all the other authors who utilize social media and have a large reader base and following.”

Their goal was to increase their visibility so more readers would become aware of and read their book. A.M. and Joanne wanted to provide readers with stories they could get lost in and personally connect with.

Becoming Book Excellence Award Finalists

When A.M. and Joanne learned they had received a Book Excellence Award, they were delighted.

“We were very excited and honored.”

The award helped them increase sales and differentiate their book in the eyes of readers and fans.

“We had the emblem added to our book cover and readers at book signings were drawn to it once we told them it was an award winner.”

A.M. and Joanne’s Success

With the successful release of their book, it’s clear that A.M. and Joanne’s partnership was a match made in contemporary romance heaven.

Their book has been reviewed by both New York Times’ and USA Today best-selling authors, with hundreds of five-star reviews continuing to pour in.

A glowing review writes:

“The pacing was perfect and kept me hooked the whole time. It was fun and unique and an all-together satisfying read. Finding Mr. Wrong was a breath of unique fresh air.”

Another review writes:

“From the very first scene to the last, I was hooked and couldn’t get enough. One of my favorite books ever!! An absolute must read!”

In addition to being an Amazon best-seller, the book also made #3 on Buzzfeed’s HOT LIST for the 31 Romance Books you must read in 2017.

The authors travel across the country to participate in multiple book signing events throughout the year. They also maintain a strong connection to readers on social media and have active and engaged fanbases of thousands of followers.


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A.M. and Joanne’s Advice

A.M. and Joanne tell authors thinking about entering the Book Excellence Awards to:

“Do it.”

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