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How storyteller and speaker gained international attention for his book

Meet Minter

Minter Dial is a masterful storyteller, professional speaker and the award-winning author of two books. He specializes in branding, new tech and digital transformation as the founder and brainchild of two forward-thinking companies: The Myndset Company and Digitalproof Consultancy Ltd. As an extraordinarily talented executive, Minter works with major global brands such as Samsung, Remy Cointreau, Kering and Tencent, to help activate their brand strategies, integrate new technologies and be a catalyst for change.

Minter is also known for his unique ability to craft stories across a host of different media. In 2016, Minter wrote and produced the book and documentary film, The Last Ring Home. The book was named a Book Excellence Award Winner in the Biography category. It’s the miraculous story of how Minter uncovered the truth behind his namesake, his grandfather, and returns our focus to the important values of love, courage and honor. Combining over 25 years of research with more than one hundred interviews of experts, survivors, and descendants of the Greatest Generation, the book tells the powerful story of American prisoners of war in the Pacific.

Challenges as an Author

Minter took a non-traditional route to publishing his first book. Prior to releasing the book, Minter produced the story as a short documentary film.

“The initial purpose of the book was to accompany the short documentary film.”

Minter’s goal for the book was to provide a fuller version of the story and explain key elements not covered in the film.

“The publication of the book brought another dimension and level of credibility to the story. It was…interesting to explore how each media changed the way the story was told.”

With many target markets for the book (in North America, Europe and Asia), Minter found it a challenge to find a way to connect with each audience, both locally and internationally.

“One of the major challenges was figuring out how to market the book to the world.”

His goal was to gain exposure through TV, influential and specialized channels, social media and local events.

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

When Minter found out he was named a Book Excellence Award Winner, he was elated.

“I was travelling overseas when I received word. It was cause for immediate celebration.”

Minter appreciated the advice and information he received as a part of the prize package to help him leverage and improve book sales.

“It’s a difficult business selling books, but the package that the Book Excellence Awards provides is robust.”

The prize package includes information related to book marketing, sales, publicity, social media, monetization strategies and more. It is designed to help authors succeed in all markets – be it locally, or around the world.

Minter’s Success

Minter’s successful career can be directly attributed to the passion and talent he has for his work.

As an author, Minter’s writing has been profoundly impactful on his readers and fans. The Last Ring Home received high praise and wide recognition for its gripping, beautiful and insightful message.

Reviewers of the book shared:

“Minter Dial has a gift for writing that is demonstrated in the depth and richness of detail he weaves together in this book.”


“This book is one of the top 3 history books I ever read.”

The book has also topped best-seller lists, skyrocketing to #1 on Amazon France in 3 categories and been in the top 30,000 all-time sellers on
The documentary film he produced linked to the book was featured on PBS and the History Channel and has won ten prizes, including Best Foreign Film at the Charleston International Film Festival.

Throughout his career as an author, Minter has been featured in television, radio, podcasts and blogs with audiences of hundreds of thousands of people. Some of these include: INC, Sophisticated Marketer, the Artist First Radio Network, Alumnet, The Launch Podcast with Charlie Birney and more.


Minter’s dynamic presence as a speaker has also enabled him to share his message with international audiences at conferences such as South by Southwest (SXSW) and the Adobe Summit as well as with companies and universities including L’Oreal, Hachette, Grant Thorton, the Lyon Business School, McGill University and more.

To connect with Minter, you can visit his website and follow him on social media.

To purchase his book, visit Amazon.

Minter’s Advice

For authors interested in learning more about the Book Excellence Awards program, Minter shares his experience:

“The Book Excellence Awards absolutely helped continue the momentum of the book that was initially published in November 2016. Winning the Biography award provided a credible stamp of approval and has been useful to help supplement marketing materials.”

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