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How author & coach gained recognition and sales for her book

Meet Alexa

Alexa Bigwarfe is an accomplished author, publisher, and speaker who has made a significant contribution to the writing and publishing industry. She is the CEO and founder of, a one stop shop for author and publishing services, and Kat Biggie Press, a publisher that focuses on books that inspire, empower and make a difference in the world.

As an innovative leader and author coach, Alexa has taken her own knowledge and experience in the publishing industry to help support others with their journey. In just 5 years, Alexa has been able to publish several of her own books as well as those of her clients. She has made it her mission to coach writers on how to grow their business by writing and publishing books.

“My favorite part of my job is helping women plan out their book and publishing timeline and then doing all the things that I can to remove the overwhelm from the writing and publishing process.”

This is one of the reasons her latest book, “Ditch the Fear, and Just Write It,” is so popular. Her book received a Book Excellence Award in the writing and publishing category.

It was designed to help female entrepreneurs navigate the writing and publishing world through in depth case studies and a 90 day guided journal to help keep readers focused.

Challenges as an Author
As a successful publisher, Alexa understands that the publishing process can be complex and that marketing a book requires planning ahead of time.

“Start somewhere. practice your writing and hone your craft. Don’t wait for perfection and start building your author platform as soon as you even think about writing a book.”

As part of building an author platform, Alexa understood the value of including book awards in her book promotion process.

“Book awards can be such a great way to get more eyes on the book.”

It was her first-time submitting books to the Book Excellence Awards. She decided to enter the awards program because of the additional marketing support and resources provided to winners.

“The Book Excellence Awards actually does provide quite a bit of marketing for the winners.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

Upon learning that she had won a Book Excellence Award, Alexa was delighted to see that her book had been recognized.

“I was thrilled! This was the first book of mine that I had the confidence to actually submit for an award and I felt completely validated in the quality of my book when it won the award.”

The award helped Alexa’s book stand out and she experienced an increase in book sales and readership.

“The recognition that the award has given me is now leading people to actually purchase the book, which is wonderful! I’ve been grateful for the additional showing to their expansive audience.”

Alexa’s Success

Alexa’s success as an author, coach and speaker is a strong testament to her commitment to book publishing and her drive to help others succeed.

Alexa has become an Amazon best-selling author with her book receiving widespread acclaim and positive reviews.

Her passion and care to help other authors achieve success in their publishing journey is evident through the many five star reviews she received for her book “Ditch the Fear, and Just Write It!”

“Alexa has laid it all out and made it doable. The layout makes it all work…thanks!”


“A must read…a beautiful combination of tips and strategies that encourage you to shift your mindset, claim your power as a writer and dig down deep to find the courage to move forward and share your words.”

As a strong advocate for using books as a tool for business growth, Alexa created new opportunities for her business. Alexa pioneered the first all female online publishing summit, the Women in Publishing Summit, which featured some of the best in the industry including large publishers, New York Times’ best-selling authors and more.


Alexa also lends her expertise to podcasts, webinars and has been invited to speak at industry renowned conferences such as the Self-Publishing Advice Conference and Digital Book World. Alexa also frequently shares her knowledge with members of the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Among her many other commitments in the publishing community, Alexa also finds time in her busy schedule to give back. She is the co-founder of Lose the Cape, a resource specifically for busy moms to empower them with tips and tricks to make their lives easier. Through her knowledge of marketing and promotion, the Lose the Cape podcast continues to receive thousands of downloads each month.

To contact Alexa, you can email her or find her on Facebook on her Write, Publish and Sell Facebook page.

To purchase Alexa’s book, visit Amazon.

Alexa’s Advice

As a highly sought after writing and publishing coach, Alexa provides advice to other authors who may be interested in entering the Book Excellence Awards:

“Go for it. You lose nothing by trying and just imagine if you win!”

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