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How first time author achieved book marketing success in a matter of months

Meet John

John Wessinger is the founder of Lateralus Solutions, a sales and marketing firm focused on helping organizations and business leaders embrace change and explore strategic risk. He has worked for global organizations supporting the sales and marketing of billion-dollar brands.

John is also the award-winning author of Ride the Wave. Within a couple of months of publishing his book, he received a Book Excellence Award in the sales and marketing category.

When he wrote, Ride the Wave, his goal was to write a high quality book. A book that would be highly respected by readers and leave them with practical and actionable advice  they could use in their personal and professional lives. 

“I want readers of RIDE THE WAVE to feel inspired about their personal and professional lives, but also see new challenges and obstacles as a way to change who they are and what they do.”

Challenges as an Author

As John was running his own business and this was his first book, one of the biggest challenges he faced in marketing was that he had limited time and resources.

He wanted to focus on marketing efforts that would yield the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort.

“There are an unlimited number of options available, but not all have the impact needed to bring attention to your book.”

He wanted his first book, Ride the Wave, to build a foundation for any books that he would write in the future and hoped that by publishing his book, he would increase his visibility and credibility.

It became increasingly clear that book contests would accomplish his goals and were a great way to drive awareness and credibility for his book in a short amount of time.

“The Book Excellence Awards stood out from other contests…it had a lot of variety in terms of categories and included one specific to the type of book I had written.”

As a sales and marketing consultant, he wanted to be recognized in the sales and marketing category so his clients would recognize him as an authority in the field.

“It instantly signaled to readers what my book was about and who my book was for…The Book Excellence Awards has really helped me to effectively market my book to prospective readers.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

When John first heard that he had won a Book Excellence Award he was ecstatic! He used his Book Excellence Award as a launchpad to kickstart the marketing process for his book.

“The contest win gave me something additional to say about my book and really position RIDE THE WAVE as a quality book that was selected by a known and respected contest platform.”

John’s Success

John’s success in marketing his book can be seen by his multiple media appearances on TV and in podcasts. He has been invited as a guest on national radio shows that have over 3.5 million listeners per month and feature some of the most successful entrepreneurs, authors and speakers including Brian Tracy and Simon Sinek.

John has also shared his wisdom through workshops, executive retreats, and keynote speeches and has been featured in high profile blog articles that have been shared hundreds of times.

His book has been highly recommended by readers and well-established book review publications who call it:

“Enjoyable,” and “Engaging.”

The best way to contact John is by email.

With a plan to do a 2nd edition of the book, he welcomes readers to share how they used the book to “ride the wave” in their personal or professional lives.

To get your copy of RIDE THE WAVE, visit Amazon.

John’s Advice

John’s advice for other authors and publishers considering entering the Book Excellence Awards:

“I would highly recommend that anyone interested in marketing their book in a credible way, consider entering the Book Excellence Awards…it is a great way to get exposure for your book in a way that gets attention and builds authority.”

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