Announcing the 2020 Book Excellence Award Winners

TORONTO, March 9, 2020 – We are proud to announce the winners of the 2020 Book Excellence Awards Competition.

The Book Excellence Awards is an international book awards competition dedicated to providing authors and publishers with the opportunity to showcase their books on a global platform. Our mission is to recognize authors and publishers for their writing talent, and help them stand out among the 1 million other books published each year. We find smarter, easier ways to help authors and publishers market their books through our internationally recognized book awards competition and marketing program. Previous Winners and Finalists of the Book Excellence Awards have doubled their book sales, garnered attention from film producers, received distribution in book stores and increased their visibility and media attention.

The program also offers authors and publishers marketing support by providing resources in topics such as publishing, marketing, writing, publicity and social media. All winners receive a prize package valued at $4,000 and all finalists receive a prize package valued at $2,250. In addition, all applicants of the Book Excellence Awards receive a book marketing course called the Ultimate Book Sales System (valued at $500) for free.

The 2020 Book Excellence award-winning titles were chosen based on their design, layout, writing quality and overall market appeal. The following are the 2020 award winners, listed with their respective category, book title and author name(s):

Action – SINNER’S CROSS by Miles Watson

Addiction and Recovery – To The Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence by Lisa Kohn

Adventure Fiction – Echo Island: Be Prepared by Gary Travis

Aging – Market Forces: Strategic Trends Impacting Senior Living Providers by Jill J. Johnson

Alternative Medicine – The Thyroid Fix: Reduce Fatigue, Lose Weight, and Get Your Life Back by Dr. Shawn Soszka

Animals/Pets – PINTO! Based Upon the True Story of the Longest Horseback Ride in History by M.J. Evans

Anthology – This Moment: Bold Voices from WriteGirl by Keren Taylor

Autobiography – Pick Myself Up & Dust Myself Off by Colin Caudell

Biography – King Here: Never Too OLD, Too RICH or Too ANYTHING to Meet Jesus by Trish Porter Topmiller

Biography – To Make Riders Faster by Anna Dopico

Body/Mind/Spirit – The Art of Surrender by Eiman Al Zaabi

Book Cover Design – Longing for God: A Prayer and Bible Journal by Frank M. Hasel

Book Interior Design – Wilhelmina’s Wish by Lisa Reinicke

Books in a Series (must enter at least 2 books) – The Wizenard Series: Training Camp by Wesley King

Business – The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation In Any Company by Amy J. Radin, Foreword by Paul B. Carroll

Career – Careering: The Pocket Guide to Exploring Your Future Career by Tamara S. Raymond

Caregiving – Prognosis Hope by Angie Felts, RN

Children’s Education – Families as Partners: The Essential Link in Children’s Education by Andrea M. Nelson-Royes

Children’s Education – Puppies by Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand and Kim Mitzo Thompson

Children’s Fiction – The Guitar of Mayhem by Jessica Renwick

Children’s Inspirational/Motivational – Baby from the Moon by Mrs. D.

Children’s Inspirational/Motivational – The Universe Is Listening by Dr. Jill Garripoli Pedalino

Children’s Religion – Reece’s Vintage Tales by N. Reece Ho-Sheffield


Cookbook – Famous Dishes from Around the World: Healthy, Tasty and Affordable by Moonstone Press LLC

Death and Dying – Coffee and Cedar: Finding Strength from Memories by D.H. Cermeno

Diet and Nutrition – The “Plan A” Diet: Combining Whole Food, Plant Based Nutrition with the Timeless Wisdom of Scripture by Cyd Notter

Divorce – Split-Level: A Novel by Sande Boritz Berger

Entrepreneurship – Tiny Time Big Results: 4 Principles to Run Your Profitable 20 Hour Week Business by Yasmin Vorajee

Environment – Your Body’s Environmental Chemical Burden by Cindy Klement, MS, CNS, MCHES

Faction – When the Heart Listens by Mara Purl

Family – Ollie and the Egg-Splosion by Kim Wilson

Fantasy – Burn Falls by Kimberly Knight

Fantasy – Hand Of Magic by Diane Moat

Female Empowerment – CHAMELEON by Tasche Laine

Fiction – Cooperative Lives by Patrick Finegan

Friendship – Just Saying: Melanie’s Story by Jianna Higgins

Gift Book – Tiny Tim and The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge: The sequel to A Christmas Carol by Norman Whaler

Grief – Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss by Overdose by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Shannie Jenkins and Whitney O’Brien

Health – Whole Person Integrative Eating: A Breakthrough Dietary Lifestyle to Treat the Root Causes of Overeating, Overweight, and Obesity by Deborah Kesten, MPH and Larry Scherwtiz, PhD

Historical – When We Were Brave by Karla M. Jay

Holiday – The Christmas Spirit by JM Phillippe

Horror – Stranger Things Have Happened by Thomas Gaffney

Humor – The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids: 800+ Jokes! by Carole P. Roman

Inspirational – I Am Another You by Priya Kumar

Leadership – Success Is Within: The 21 Ways for Achieving Results, Prosperity, and Fulfillment by Changing Your Leadership Mindset by Payal Nanjiani

LGBTQ Fiction – Always by Kindle Alexander

Medical – Alton’s Antibiotics and Infectious Disease: The Layman’s Guide to Available Antibacterials in Austere Settings by Joseph Alton MD and Amy Alton ARNP

Memoir – Straining Forward by Michelle Layer Rahal

Military – No Tougher Duty, No Greater Honor – A Memoir of a Mortuary Affairs Marine by L. Christian Bussler

Motivational – Lifeworth, Finding Fulfillment Beyond Networth by Dana Couillard and Hal Couillard

Multicultural Fiction – An Ambition To Belong by James Sniechowski

Multicultural Fiction – Jugend by Aalia Lanius

Multicultural Non-Fiction – The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption by Janine Vance

Multicultural Non-Fiction – The Worst First Day: Bullied While Desegregating Central High by Elizabeth Eckford, Eurydice Stanley and Grace Stanley

Mystery – Pinot Noir: An International Banking Spy Thriller by Lorraine Evanoff

Mystery – Tao of the Viper, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery by Linda Watkins

Mystery – The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio by Belle Ami

Non-Fiction – Finding Monte Cristo: Alexandre Dumas and the French Atlantic World by Eric Martone

Parenting – How to Raise Respectful Parents: Better Communication for Teen and Parent Relationships by Laura Lyles Reagan

Performing Arts (Film, Theatre, Dance, Music) – What’s Next? Creativity in the Age of Entertainment by Jan Karlin

Personal Growth and Development – Difference Maker: Overcoming Adversity and Turning Pain into Purpose, Every Day by Gary Roe

Picture Book – Ages 4 to 8 – David’s ADHD by Sherrill S. Cannon

Picture Book – All Ages – Go Cart Gertie by Cindy L. Shirley

Picture Book – Preschool – Ellie and Her Emotional Dragons by Joseph Goodrich

Poetry – Chouteau’s Chalk by Rosa Lane

Poetry – Savagery by JC Mehta

Pre-Teen Fiction – But Not Forever by Jan Von Schleh

Pre-Teen Fiction – The Orangutan Rescue Gang by Joyce Major

Psychology – A Chicken in the Wind and How He Grew – Stories from an ADHD Dad by Frank South

Reference – PMO Governance: Practical Strategies to Govern Portfolio, Program, and Project Delivery by Eugen Spivak

Relationships – The Ingredients of Us by Nicole Persun and Jennifer Gold

Religion – Imagine God by Rick Pribell

Romance – Bishop Takes Knight by McKenna Dean

Science Fiction – Volk: Book One of The Overseer Series by Zach Fortier

Self-Help – KISS YOUR DOCTOR GOODBYE by Elke F. Lewis

Self-Help – The Regenerative Life: Transform Any Organization, Our Society, Your Destiny by Carol Sanford

Spirituality – Endless Incarnation Sorrows by Lucia Mann

Sports – Madness: The man Who Changed Basketball by Mike De Lucia

Suspense – The Loop by Nicholas Holloway

Suspense – All The Broken People by Amy Rivers

Thriller – Boy on Hold by JD Spero

Travel – Charlie’s Adventures…In South Africa by Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern

True Crime – Through a Mother’s Eyes by Cary Allen Stone

Western – Two Thousand Grueling Miles – The Oregon Trail by L. J. Martin

Young Adult Fiction – Epoca: The Tree of Ecrof by Ivy Claire

Young Adult Fiction – Legacy and the Queen by Annie Matthew

Young Adult Fiction – The Adventures of Jules Khan – A Teenage Muslim Superhero by Karim Kassamali Devji

Young Adult Non-Fiction – And Then They Were Gone: Teenagers of Peoples Temple from High School to Jonestown by Judy Bebelaar and Ron Cabral

About the Book Excellence Awards

The Book Excellence Awards is an international awards competition dedicated to providing authors from all genres and backgrounds the opportunity to showcase their work on a global platform. The organization accepts entries from countries all over the world in over 100 unique categories.