Announcing the 2017 Book Excellence Award Winners

TORONTO, October 2, 2017 – We are proud to announce the winners of the 2017 Book Excellence Awards Competition.

The Book Excellence Awards is an international book awards program dedicated to providing authors and publishers with the opportunity to showcase their books on a global platform. The program has expanded to offer authors and publishers marketing support by providing resources in topics such as publishing, marketing, writing, publicity and social media. The full value of the prize package is over $3,000 for winners.

It has been a very successful year for the Book Excellence Awards with hundreds of entrants applying from around the world. The award-winning titles were chosen based on their design, layout, writing quality and overall market appeal.

The following are the 2017 award winners, listed with their respective book title, author name(s) and category.

Ordainment Betrayal – Dennis Quiles – Action

GRE Prep – Magoosh, Chris Lele, Mike McGarry – Activity Book

Still Standing After All the Tears – Valerie Silveira – Addiction and Recovery

Dragon of Ash & Stars – H. Leighton Dickson – Adventure

Above All Else, Independence, Happiness, and Success in Your Senior Years – Nancy D. Butler – Aging

The Un Prescription for Autism – Janet Lintala – Alternative Medicine

Similar but Different in the Animal Kingdom – Martina Nicolls – Animals/Pets

Vignettes & Postcards from Morocco – Erin Byrne – Anthology

Slam after Slam with Force Point – Pawell Boiew – Arts and Entertainment

Window to The Big Sky: Reflections from Montana – Mary Ellen Connelly – Autobiography

Envoy of Jerusalem: Balian d’Ibelin and the Third Crusade – Helena P. Schrader – Biography

#Loneliness: The Virus of The Modern Age – Tony Jeton Selimi – Body/Mind/Spirit

Seventh Dimension: The City, A Young Adult Fantasy, Book 4 – Lorilyn Roberts – Book Cover Design

Mariano’s World – Carmina Rodriguez Villa – Book Interior Design

Rules of Social Engagement – Philippa Spork – Business

From the Other Side of The Desk: A Practical Guide to Shortening Your Job Search – Jay Fusaro – Career

Role Reversal: How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Aging Parents – Iris Waichler – Caregiving

Luna Rising – Selene Castrovilla – Chick Lit

A Birthday Party for Mother Earth – Laurenn Barker – Children’s Education

Castle in Danger – Karen Rautenberg – Children’s Fiction

Take the Bullying by the Horns – Dan Hamel – Children’s Inspirational/Motivational

Little Miss History Travels to Sequoia National Park – Barbara Ann Mojica – Children’s Non-Fiction

Awakening into Unity – Lee Temple – Climate Change

Poetic Potpourri – Marc Mullo – Coffee Table Book

Cool Cats Coloring Book: The Birthday Party – C.A. Hartnell – Coloring Book

Curse of the Seven 70’s – Sharon Anderson – Comedy

The Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall – Shannon Kirk – Contemporary Novel

At Ease: A Salute to Creative Entertaining – Lynn Wilson – Cookbook

How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian – Nancy Addison – Cookbook Specialty

Red Days – M. L. Sparrow – Current Events

Bloom, Wherever You May Be Planted – Rosemary Martinez – Death and Dying

Eat Smart, Live Long – Alicia Merrell – Diet and Nutrition

Unliving the Dream – Sandra Vischer – Divorce

Teaching with Love and Logic – Jim & Dr. Charles Fay – Education and Academic

The Nice Entrepreneur – Brian Montgomery – Entrepreneurship

Coral Reef – Sylvia Medina – Environment

Behind the Door – A. Gavazzoni – Erotica

The Outhouse – David W. Gordon – Faction (fiction based on facts)

Searching for Nannie B.: Connecting Three Generations of Southern Women – Nancy Owen Nelson – Family

Vernal – Randi Cooley Wilson – Fantasy

Stone Woman – Bianca Lakoseljac – Fiction

The Joy of Financial Security – Donna Cygan – Finances

Pearl of the Seas, A Fairytale Prequel to Black Inked Pearl – Ruth Finnegan – Friendship

Spirit Says…Be Inspired: A Collection of Original Quotes to Guide Your Life’s Path with Gentle Wisdom – Susan Bova – Gift Books

Earth’s Natural Thumb Print #101 – Diane M. Quinlan – Green Living

Be Gentle with Me, I’m Grieving – Robin Chodak – Grief

Impatient Nation – Dr. Robert Haley – Health

The Berghof Betrayal: A Winston Churchill 1930’s Thriller – Michael & Patrick McMenamin – Historical

In the Hands of the Unknown – A.E. Hellstorm – Horror

How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space – Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos – House and Home

Ever After – Dianalee Velie – Humor

Trail Guide for a Crooked Heart – Jim May – Inspirational

The Supernatural Pet Sitter – Diane Moat – Juvenile Fiction

Forever Skating Forward: Figure Skating Friends Old and New – Joanne Vassallo Jamrosz – Juvenile Non Fiction

All About Me, Or Is It I? Beware the Wild Pronoun! – Gwynneth Heaton – Languages

Humane Policing: How Perspectives Can Influence Our Performance – Darron Spencer – Law

De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less – Douglas Noll – Leadership

A Quarter Million Steps: Creativity, Imagination & Leading Transformational Change – Anthony Paustian – Management

The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide for When Medical Help Is Not on The Way – Joseph Alton MD – Medical

Eye to the Sky: Storytelling on The Edge of Magic – Bobby Norfolk – Memoir

The Last Jump – John Nevola – Military

How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life! – Terry Drew Karanen – Motivational

The Guardians of Iceland and Other Icelandic Folk Tales – Heidi Herman – Multicultural Fiction

The Road to Margaret: A Story of Hope and Survival in the Industrial South – Lyn Stafford – Multicultural Non-Fiction

The Last Train – Michael Pronko – Mystery

A Walk in Connection – Tracy Ane Brooks – Nature

Journey into Darkness – Joel Moore – New Fiction

From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story – Matt Talford – New Non-Fiction

Karmic Alibi – Patricia Karen Gagic – Non-Fiction

More Heaven: Because Every Child Is Special – Jo Anne White – Parenting

Dancing to My Heartbeat – Deborah Lysholm – Performing Arts – Film, Theatre, Dance and Music

Investment Traps Exposed – H. Kent Baker – Personal Finances

The Heart of the Fight – Bob Wright & Judith Wright – Personal Growth/Development

The Monk of Lantau – Mann Matharu – Philosophy

A Manual on Exposure in Photography – Ceriel van Arneman – Photography

Jilly’s Terrible Temper Tantrums: And How She Outgrew Them – Martha Pieper – Picture Book – Ages 4 to 8

Texas Farm Girl Aquaculture Farming – Rebecca Crownover – Picture Book – All Ages

City Times and Other Poems – Vihang Naik – Poetry

Sonia Gandhi: The Power – Roopa Venktesh – Political

Jodie and the Library Card – Julie Hodgson – Pre-Teen Fiction

The Nature of Science Today – Frank Davis – Psychology

Above the Noise – Carrie Morgan – Public Relations

Dog Eared: A Year’s Romp Through the Self-Publishing World – W. Nikola-Lisa – Publishing

100 Top Tips for Authors – Viki Winterton – Reference

The Counselor’s Guide for Facilitating the Interpretation of Dreams – Evelyn Duesbury – Relationships

The Gospel of Simon – John Smelcer – Religion

Mistress Suffragette – Diana Forbes – Romance

Ride the Wave – John Wessinger – Sales and Marketing

The Rogue Intruder – Frederick Jamison – Science Fiction

STOP! 21 Stops to Reduce Stress and Enhance Joy – Eric Parmenter – Self Help

Just Kidding – Jianna Higgins – Short Stories

70 Years of American Captivity – Chris Meier – Social/Political Change

Cow Saves Christmas – Amber L. Spradlin – Speciality Books

The White Light: A Limitless Reality – Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn – Spirituality

Pilgrim Spokes: Cycling East Across America – Neil Hanson – Sports

Twisted Secrets: Secrets and Second Chances – Donna M. Zadunajsky – Suspense

Freedom Is for The Birds – JM Sutherland – Sustainability

Agile Scrum – Scott Graffius – Technology

Bishop’s War – Rafael Amadeus Hines – Thriller

100 People to Meet Before You Die – Jackie Chase – Travel

Familiar Evil – Rannah Gray – True Crime

Orphan Moon – T.K. Lukas – Western

Beyond Embarrassment – JoAnne Lake – Women’s Health

How to Avoid 101 Book Publishing Blunders, Bloopers & Boo Boos – Judith Briles – Writing and Publishing

Desert Shadows – Joshua Dowidat – Young Adult Fiction

About the Book Excellence Awards

The Book Excellence Awards is an international awards competition dedicated to providing authors from all genres and backgrounds the opportunity to showcase their work on a global platform. The organization accepts entries from countries all over the world in over 100 unique categories.