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General Questions


What are the Book Excellence Awards?

The Book Excellence Awards is an international book awards competition that recognizes books for their high quality design, writing and overall market appeal. Previous Winners and Finalists of the Book Excellence Awards have doubled their book sales, garnered attention from film producers, received distribution in book stores and increased their visibility and media attention.

Who is involved in the awards?

The awards were started by executives at Book Excellence who have valuable experience in the publishing industry. They specialize in book promotion, marketing and publicity. What distinguishes the Book Excellence Awards from other book awards is the desire to help authors market and publicize their books. Winners and Finalists of the Book Excellence Awards receive access to extended support and resources to help ensure their success.


Why should I enter the Book Excellence Awards?

Previous Winners and Finalists of the Book Excellence Awards have experienced incredible benefits after receiving their award. These include:

*Doubling their book sales
*Getting Distribution in Book Stores
*Gaining Attention from Film Producers
*Increasing Their Following and Readership
*Obtaining New Speaking Engagements
*Increasing their Visibility and Media Coverage


Where can I find a list of judges?

Our panel of judges includes an author, publisher, librarian and bookseller. We arrange our judging panel in this manner to ensure there are a variety of perspectives that provide insight on a book as a whole: its writing quality, its design quality, its appeal to readers and the book buying market.

We do not disclose the names of our judges to ensure our competition remains fair and impartial. We want to ensure applicants do not contact the judges directly in an attempt to influence the final outcome of the competition’s results.


Does the Book Excellence Awards have any rights to my book?

Absolutely not. You retain all rights to your book.

Entering the Awards


How much does it cost to enter the Book Excellence Awards?

1 category is $149.00. Each additional category is $75.00. All prices are in USD.

To receive a discount on your entry fee, subscribe to our email list.


Who is eligible to apply to the Book Excellence Awards?

We accept entries from self-published authors, traditionally published authors, independent presses, traditional publishers and other literary professionals.

Books submitted into the Book Excellence Awards must:

  1. Have an ISBN or ASIN
  2. Be written in English

Does the Book Excellence Awards have a publication date restriction?

No, there is no publication date restriction to enter the Book Excellence Awards.

Books submitted into the Book Excellence Awards must:

  1. Have an ISBN or ASIN
  2. Be written in English

I don't live in Canada or the US. Can I still enter the Book Excellence Awards?

Yes, we accept entries from authors all over the world.

Where should I send my entry?

We no longer accept books by mail. Please use one of the methods below to submit your book:

Option #1: Online. You can submit an eBook through the online application form. Acceptable formats include: .pdf, .epub, .mobi, .doc, .docx

Option #2: Gifted eBook (Amazon, iBooks). You can submit a gifted eBook through Amazon or iBooks.


What do I receive if I win?

All Winners and Finalists receive:

  • Access to a Library of Book Marketing Courses and Guides
  • Done For You Templates For Print Materials and Social Media
  • Digital Award Seals
  • Award Listing and Author Showcase Feature
  • Digital Commemorative Book Excellence Award Certificate
  • Personalized award announcement on the Book Excellence Award Social Media Pages
  • Custom Press Release Sent Out to Targeted Journalists in TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines and Online Media Around the World (Winners Only)

What categories can I enter my book in?

For a comprehensive list of categories, click here.


What is the judging criteria?

Books are judged based on:
1. Design and layout
2. Quality of writing
3. Overall appeal of book to target audience

I can't see any of the past winners of this award. Where can I view them?

To view the Honorees from each year of the competition, click here.


What should I include in my entry?

To complete the application form, you will need the following information:

  • Contact and Book Information: Author name, publisher name, book title, ISBN/ASIN, email, phone number etc.
  • Your Book File: Accepted file types include .pdf, .epub, .mobi, .doc. You can also submit your book by email or as a gifted eBook
  • Book Cover Image: Accepted file types include .jpeg or .png files
  • Marketing Materials (Optional): Including a press release, sell sheet, author bio etc.

Important Dates & Deadlines


What are the Book Excellence Awards Competition Important Dates and Deadlines?

The competition opens in January. Winners and finalists are announced in the spring.

When is the deadline to apply to the Book Excellence Awards?

The deadline to apply is December 31st. Late entries will be automatically entered in the next year’s Book Excellence Awards competition if all eligibility requirements have been met. No late entries will be refunded.

Technical Support


I am having trouble with the online form!

If you are having trouble with the form, please click here to contact us so we can help you through the application process.


When is the deadline to apply to the Book Excellence Awards?

Please click here to contact us and include your name and phone number. A member of the Book Excellence Awards team will contact you to set up an appointment by phone.


Will I receive confirmation that my books have been received?

After submitting your online application, you will receive a summary of the information you have submitted. Please print this and save a copy for your records. This is your confirmation that your entry has been received successfully.

I don't feel comfortable uploading my book through the online form.

No problem! You can also submit a gifted eBook via Amazon or iBooks.

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